Daniella A. Colombo-Dougovito

Artist. Athlete. Advocate.


Daniella A. Colombo-Dougovito—through photography, sculpture, painting, mixed media, and performance—expresses the power and strength of complex emotion.

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The images below represent the diversity of methods that I apply in my painting practice. In my work, I have used encaustic, oil, acrylic, and ink on canvas. These pieces have ranged from large (96 in x 72 in) to small (2 in x 3 in) scale.

If you would like to see each of my completed painting series, visit my playbook.


In my practice, I use constructed-artistic reality to express what is often unseen. I immerse myself in nature—within the landscape—and all her beauty. When printing, papers are intentionally chosen to push the viewers emotional journey.

If you would like to see each of my completed photographic series, visit my playbook.


As a sculptor, I burn, cut, weld, hammer, and carve a variety of mediums including wood, steel, copper, and bronze. These pieces are, typically, large-scale ranging from 4 to 40 feet.

If you would like to see each of my completed sculpture series, visit my playbook.


As a professional visual artist and creative, Daniella A. Colombo-Dougovito pushes the boundaries in opposition to a society that is, too often, unkind and unaccepting. By inviting the viewer along a cathartic journey of healing and self-exploration, Colombo-Dougovito confronts our own misconceptions and insecurities. Through the use of multiple mediums, we are allowed to share her journey deeper into emotion and, in doing so, are allowed to be vulnerable ourselves. Annette Messager said, “Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.” By confronting the difficult, unspoken array of human emotion, Colombo-Dougovito builds a place to share and contemplate our own demons; thereby, making a more open and empathic world.

When not creating, she can be found outdoors—running.

Daniella is represented by:

Galeria Azur
Plogix Gallery


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